Rank  Has  Its  Privileges
by  Chuck  Steenburgh
26  Jan  2006
The officers were finishing lunch in the wardroom. Captain John Spear was in his usual
place at the head of the table, with the XO, LCDR George Riefler to his right. The Food
Service Officer, Ens Charlie Godwin, a good ol' boy from Alabama, was at his place at the
foot of the table, opposite the Captain. The XO was somewhat of a hard-___ (or gave the
impression of being one), and he was on his second XO tour, already qualified for
command and, I believe also selected for Commander.

The conversation turned to the officers' assignments and rotation. Charlie, as the junior
officer on board, had been the Food Service Officer since he had reported aboard, and as
could be expected, was as tired of that as the enlisted men were as they neared the end of
their mess cook tour. Speaking in his slow Alabama drawl, Charlie asked, "Captain, when
am I going to get relieved and get another job."

Smiling, Captain Spear replied, "Charlie, you name it and the job's yours."

After a pregnant pause, Charlie looked the XO straight in the eye, and said, "George, when
are you gonna get your s___ out of my stateroom?"

It was the only time I saw George Riefler speechless.