Liberty  Was  Calling
by  Bruce  Schofield
25  Feb  2006
An "unnamed" Thornback sailor came back from a great liberty "on-the-beach" in Palma de
Majorca.  Midnight was curfew but he wanted to go back (two English girls waiting). He
proceeded down the aft battery hatch, checked in, and proceeded to the aft torpedo room,
up through the hatch and out to the #4 line.  You guessed it, in dress whites he
crawled/shinnied (like a rat) across the line to the dock.  The first thing he saw when he
pulled himself up  was a pair of highly polished shoes belonging to "topside watch" Beryle.  
Needless to say he was escorted back to the after battery and put quietly in his bunk . . .
he stayed put.