Caddy  Underwater
by  Norm  Hammond
2  Jun  2010
   I remember going back to the ship late one night when we were tied up at the mole in
Key West.  There were a bunch of people standing around in the middle of it and I could
see lights down in the water on the ocean side.  I went to the edge so I could look down in
the water from a closer vantage point and it dawned on me that there was a car down
there, in about ten feet or more of water!  Then I realized the driver was in the crowd of
people and was soaking wet.  He was a 1st class P.O. and about as drunk as you can get
and still be able to drive.  The car was a newer model Cadillac...
   I continued on to the boat, which was only about 100' further down the mole.  I had
something to eat and went back up on deck about an hour later.  The crowd was gone but
the car was still there with it's lights on.  I remember thinking (still do) that the salt water
should have diluted the electrolyte in the battery rather quickly so the lights would go out,
but it didn't.  I checked once more before I went to bed and those spooky headlights were
still on, shooting their underwater beams out into the Gulf of Mexico...