Blowing  Sanitary
by  Kenneth  DeKing
27  Jan  2006
We had a young seaman aboard who was having a hard time getting himself in-line. I will
not mention his name because he turned out to be a good guy, eventually.

One morning when we were tied up in Key West, I came aboard in my usual condition,
hung over. I came down the after battery hatch and went straight to the scuttlebutt for a
drink. Just as I was bending over, black nasty stuff came shooting out of the drain and just
missed my mouth. I screamed out this kids name and started aft to get him. I knew he was
blowing the aft sanitary tank and had forgotten to close the valve from the scuttlebutt drain.
Lucky for both of us, cooler heads prevailed and I was held back. It took a while, but later I
saw the humor in it and have laughed about it many times over the years.

Those were the days!