Attack  A  Russian  Ship
by  Kenneth  DeKing
1  Mar  2006
We were in Palma de Mallorca during the '58 med cruise and I was just coming back to the
boat in the wee hours. The exec had just gotten there ahead of me and had had quite a
few pops himself. He was teetering around by the topside watch's station when he decided
he should take the .45 from the watch and attack a Russion ship that was tied up behind
us. J.C. Tillis, Henry Ford and I were trying to get him to come back and we were getting
worried that he might actually go over there and get himself killed. After a lot of persuading
he finally got back aboard and gave the gun back to the topside watch. I guess this proves,
no matter what your rank is, if you have enough to drink, anyone can get stupid. I often
wondered what the Russians were thinking was going on.