P h o t o s
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?, Long, ?, ?, Manuilow, ?
in ATR
Kovac, Beck, ?, ?, ?,
Myers, Kline, Jennerwein,
Dorman, ? & ?
Coulter, Kline, McCormick,
Eric & Tomachek
Gurr home for Christmas
Overhulser, Prys
& Wieduwilt
Unknown, Parker
& Jones
Deck hatch
Williams in FER
1944 Christmas card
Thornback belt buckle
Overhulser, Hackler
& Sandison
Gitmo swimming hole
Evans in Athens
Hogan's Alley
Taking on supplies
Gurr in Spain
Hanley, Brabham,
Kamin & Kovac
1958 Christmas card
Gurr in Athens
Gurr overseas
Eberl, Keller, Brabham,
Kristensen & Coulter
Hatch in Maneuvering
Austin, Hutchinson,
Reagan, Ross &
Air manifold gauges
Coulter & Shelly
All Unknowns
Gurr in Maneuvering
Key West
Kline, Thompson
& Coulter
Preparing to dock
at Key West
#3 Main engine
CO Bryant presenting
dolphins to Coulter
Arriving Gitmo
Key West water supply
pipe line
Eberl, Blakley,
Coulter & Collison
in Santiago, Cuba
Eberl & Keller
Coulter & Skare
Coulter, Kline, Collison &
Keller, Eberl & Coulter
Evans, Burford & Gurr
Bruscia in 1966
USS Gilmore,
sub tender, Key West
Maneuvering watch
Key West submarine base
CO Richelieu presenting
dolphins to Doc Praytor
Officers' bunks
Navy press release
Doc Praytor's patch
Doc Praytor (r) on Guam
with 3rd Marines in WW2
Thornback returns
from patrol
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