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Poirier, Evans & Spivey
replacing engine header
Engine Room lower flats
Armstrong & Evans in
Charleston sub barracks
Underway in the Med
Circle of water produced
by the bow capstain
Evans & Jones
British subs in Naples
Kieffer in Maneuvering
Gurr, Cleary,
Poirier & Mangum
Burford, Mohr & Unknown
in Charleston sub barracks
Lower flats main engine
inspection covers
Overhulser, Hackler
& Sandison
Gurr in ATR
Gurr in AER
Berry, Armstrong
& Schultheis
Gurr at diesel school
Gurr standing topside
watch in Navy Yard
Gurr during M.E. overhaul
Gurr with M.E.
connecting rod
Evans & Gurr
Gurr in Navy Yard
Gurr checking M.E. piston
Gurr & Wright in AER
Evans replacing
M.E. header
Oropesa & Bailey
overhauling M.E.
Evans overhauling #3 M.E.
Note crankshaft on deck
Poirier in FER
Gurr & Evans on liberty
Poirier & Parker
in Crew's Mess
Gurr using drill press
in FER
Unknows in Crew's Mess
Lawrence operating coke
machine in After Battery
Key West submarine base
Raspe refueling in Gibralta
Swim call in Med
1956 Charleston Navy
Yard overhaul
1956 Charleston Navy
Yard overhaul
Gurr at Charleston
Navy Yard barracks
1956 Charleston Navy
Yard overhaul
Poirier & Evans replacing
header on M.E.
White, Pratt & Bailey
in AER
Raspe in Gitmo
Strand Theater,
Duval Street, Key West
Poirier in FER
Evans during open house
Unknowns in Gitmo
Mackler & Wiggin in
Crew's Mess
Water tight door between
FTR & Forward Battery
Cleary & Mangum
Underway in Med
News article on Gurr
Weidulwilt, Lemons,
Hammond & Blakley
Ross, Armstrong,
Wenzel,      Unknown,
Reagan &                     
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