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I have many photos I took during my years aboard the Thornback and I thank my old shipmates who have shared their old photos
with me. Some of our shipmates are identified and some names are forgotten. If you can name the ones I can't or have any photos
you would like to share please contact me. The quality of some photos have deteriorated over time but that only adds to their

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Evans & Gurr
Raspe & Hammond
in AER
Hoosen, Rusch,  
Krestensen & Mackler
Wright at diesel school
CO Babbitt presenting
dolphins to Gurr
Underway in the Med
looking aft from bridge
Janetatos, White, Raspe,
Glover, ?, ?, ?, ?, Berry,
Bailey, Kostiuk, Heart,
Evans & ?.
Gurr in FER
Gurr in Italy
Key West Base Gate
O'Neal, Overhulser &
Blakley in Gitmo
Oropesa in AER
Refueling in Gibraltar
Howell in AER
Sears & Kostiuk in AER
Hatch & Unknown
Evans & Kostiuk in Italy
Gurr & Scarry
CO Bryant & Hammond
O'Neal cooking in galley
Open House
Holden at Charleston
Navy Yard
Dow, Cooksy,
Oney &  Rusch
Raspe at barracks in
Charleston Navy Yard
Wieduwilt & Kostiuk
in Gitmo
Holden, Berry & Howell
Unknown, Kristensen,
Mackler, Unknown &
Taking on supplies
Swim Call in the Med
Thornback at sea
Thornback at sea
Overhulser & Fairchild
Thornback in Genoa, Italy
Shelly, Dow, Franklin,
Clark, Rusch, Mackler, a
civilian & Schultheis
Official Thornback Diver
Underwater Swimmers
School in Key West
Hammond's Underwater
Swimmers School class
Sandison, Evans,
Burford & Overhulser
Thornback in Malta
Thornback plaque
Taking on supplies
Hammond & 1949 Ford
in Key West
Shoulder patch & dolphins
Gurr & Carson
mess cooking
Kostiuk & Poirier
in Gitmo
Gurr in Maneuvering Room
Favors, Gurr, Rusch,
Wiggin, Schultheis &
Doc Pfeifnger
Gurr in Charleston
Navy Yard
Gurr in Maneuvering Room
Gurr in Control Room
Gurr & Wright in
diesel school barracks
Gurr & Kostiuk
in AER
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