Dear Mr. Hammond,

Thank you very much for your e-mail about Thornback. As you guess I live in Istanbul. However, I did not have
the chance to go on board of S-338 yet. As I know, everything ( including time tables of the crew, torpedos
etc.) are on board and she is ready to be in service in case of a need. Museum authorities allow 15 persons to
go on board with a guide who is a member of the first crew that brought her from U.S to Turkey in 1971.
Below you can find a brief information on Uluc Ali Reis which I believe will give you an idea about who he is :
ULUC (KILIC) ALI REIS (1500-1587)

The great Turkish seaman and admiral, Uluc Ali Reis, was captured at an early age, and became a Moslem
while serving as a galley slave on the ships. He then proceeded to become a pirate in the Mediterranean. In a
short while, his prowess as a seaman, his valour and fame spread far. After a while, he entered the service of
Turgut Reis, and became active in the Ottoman navy. After the death of Turgut Reis, he became the Governor
General of Algiers. In the meantime, he served the Ottoman Empire, joining in many battles. He was appointed
Admiral of the Fleet by Emperor Selim II for his services. The Emperor also changed his nickname ULUC to
KILIC (Sword). Kilic Ali Pasa enlarged the Istanbul Shipyards, making it possible to build larger ships there. He
remained Admiral of the Fleet for 16 years, until his death.

And about the logo of S-338, you can find it attached in jpeg format. I also add a photo of her while she was in

I hope these information will be helpful.

With my kindest regards,

Melih Poge