H i s t o r y
TCG Uluc Ali Reis
USS  Thornback
WWII Unofficial
USS  Thornback
Her keel was laid at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Maine, and she was launched in 1944 as a Tench class
submarine. Thornback received one battle star during WW2 as the result of her only war patrol from
Pearl Harbor. After the war she was decommissioned in 1946 at New London, CT. In 1953, after
conversion to Guppy II-A in Portsmouth, she was re-commissioned. During this time she is also renowned
for snorkling up the Mississippi River. Between the years of 1954 through 1959 the Thornback was
home-ported at Key West, FL. From 1959 through 1971 she was home-ported in Charleston, S.C.
Decommissioned again in 1971 she was then sold to Turkey and renamed TCG Uluc Ali Reis S-338. In
2000 the Turkish Navy decommissioned her and she became a museum in Istanbul where she is now
moored and open to the public.
A thornback is a member of the shark family living in northern
Atlantic waters. The thornback has a long pointed snout and a
sharp spine at the end of each dorsal fin.
H i s t o r y
H i s t o r y
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