Desaulniers, Tom
21 Nov 2010
~~Born in RI., raised up in Talladega, AL. Joined Reserves in high school.
Was going to college at Auburn but decided to get my active duty out of the way, so I
volunteered for subs. It was the very best thing I could have done. I turned 19 on the boat.
First time away from home. I made MM3(SS) on boat qualified in 1963, made Med run in
Auxiliary gang under Robert Horne.The Thornback was a real "family". I was treated very
well and learned 100 times more useful stuff than I ever did in college.
~~Went to Univ. of Alabama after Navy on GI bill. Worked as a machinery designer and
ran machine shops for 40 years in the Birmingham, AL area. I learned everything on that
boat that I needed to make a good living. Retired in 2006. Moved to Conway, ARK in
2007. Telephone 501-513-9578.
~~Many thanks to ALL on the Thornback for a wonderful life experience.