Blue,  Doug
15 May 2008
~~~ My naval assignments after the Thornback was Guided Missile School, Dam Neck
Va., USS Ethan Allen SSBN 608, back to Dam Neck for Polaris A3 training, USS Daniel
Webster SSBN 626, Fleet Ballistic Missile Training Center, Ford Island Hawaii. I was
discharged in San Francisco in July 1965. I then joined the US Army,  my assignments in
the US Army were Officer Candidate School Ft Sill, Ok, As a 2nd Lieutenant, Field
Artillery, my first assignment was with the 9th FA Group Ft Sill, Battery Commander 56th
FA Group Scheabish(sp) Gemund Germany, Rotary Wing Flight School, Helicopter Pilot
with the 101st  Airborne Division, Republic of Viet Nam, Field Artillery Advance Course Ft
Sill, Ok, 9th Infantry Division, Ft Lewis Wa, XO Sattiheep Troop Command, Sattiheep
Thailand and my final assignment was again Ft Lewis Wa where I retired in Sep 1977. My
wife Carolyn was a Keeper and we are working on our 47th year together and she did a
super job raising our four sons who were born in New York, Connecticut, Oklahoma, and
Alabama. The oldest is Naval Academy Graduate, the second son is an Air Force
Academy Graduate, and the third son did six years in US Marine Corps which included
participation in Desert Storm, ect. Our youngest graduated from the Citadel in Charleston
SC.  We now have eight grandchildren. Since retirement, I worked for various firms in the
missile & space industries and in 1987 I started a company that specializes in the
intellectual property and three of my sons are now working in the company. My hobbies
consist of sailing when time permits. Carolyn and I are planning to permanently retire
December 2008.