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Monday, August 20, 2018

Shipmates, Friends and Family:

We just got home from Arkansas and the funeral of Gary L. Reynolds.  The Thornback crew was well represented at the
funeral and it was a fine service for great submarine sailor, and good friend.  A contribution has been made to the Sub Vets
Scholarship fund from the Thornback crew.

When I got on the USSVI site to make sure the info on Gary Reynolds had made it to them I discovered that Cdr. John R.
Spear had been called to duty with the Supreme Commander on 8/10/18 one day before Gary reported for duty.   I believe
Cdr. Spear was the skipper on the Thornback just before she went to Turkey.

The next Thornback Reunion will be in Biloxi MS. Sometime in 2020 Ronnie Mattina and Moe Morrell will be diving this one so it
should be a good one.

We are planning the annual Thornback drink beer in the woods to start on Oct. 14, 2018 at Toad Suck Park in Conway AR.  
We are making reservations in section D3-D12, when we get there we will move to section C or B if available.  If you have
questions call me.  Reservations can be made at Recreation.gov or toll free at 1.877.444.6777.  Before you ask, section B & C
are better sites, but cannot be reserved.

USS Thornback (SS-418) web site       http://www.ussthornback.com/

Barney                                            barney418@frontier.com   

60358 County Road 11

Elkhart, IN. 46517-8719

All Hands:

The 2018  Gary "Nig" Reynolds  Memorial camp in the woods and drink

beer wild adventure, will start Oct 14, 2018, at Toad Suck Park on the

Arkansas River in beautiful downtown Conway AR.  You can make reservations

at  www.recreation.gov/camping/toad-suck  We are making our reservations

in section D, when we get there we will move to section C if available.

if you need more info give me a call or e-mail.